It Seems like Yesterday…


Grown-ups used to say this all the time when I was a boy. I never understood what they meant. They would talk about events from ten to twenty years in the past and say, “It seems like yesterday.”

As a child, yesterday seemed like yesterday to me. Last year seemed like…well…last year. Things from ten to twenty years beforehand were ancient history in my opinion.


This week I am marking the 30th anniversary of my ordination. It took place on Sunday, July 8, 1984, at Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Fairfax, Virginia. After finishing my undergraduate studies at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, then going on for another four years in order to earn my Master of Divinity degree at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, I received a call to serve Christ the King Lutheran Church in Richmond, Virginia. In order to become their pastor, I had to be ordained. Now I find myself saying, “It seems like yesterday.”


I was twenty-six years of age. You can do the math…and many of you are right there with me. We were teenagers together in junior high and high school. Some of us were college classmates in Decorah. A few of you went to seminary with me. All of us are closing in on 60. How did this happen?

I hope the next thirty years do not go by as quickly…but I remember those same grown-ups way back when saying “time goes by so fast these days.” They were right about so many things. I guess they were right about the passing of time as well.

Let’s get together soon…deal? Before you know it, we will be eighty-six.


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